Standing on the Side of Love

Do you recognize the young people holding the banner?

A hint: they both have a connection with Live Oak UU Church. Yes, I know I was too far away. We were at Marshall Park in Charlotte, NC, a 15-minute walk from the Convention Center. Free cab fare was given to folks who could not get there by foot.

We were there to hear about the discriminatory bill in North Carolina against worker rights for GLBTQ people and to sign petitions against it. Just as the closing prayer was delivered, a thunderstorm gave us a real baptism. Chaos ensued, especially for people in wheelchairs that could not get wet. Banners became “umbrellas” where needed, while most of us scurried back to the Convention Center or to our hotels to dry off.

Some years ago a social witness event in Cleveland, OH, resulted in a drenching. Hmm, what year was that?

One comment

  1. Chuck Freeman · June 25, 2011

    This is great Kathleen! I’m gonna use it in the service Sunday am.



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