Shave and a Hair Cut

. . . or simply a heavenly head massage! We visited Abhi’s mother in Rajahmundry, and across the road was his barber who also gives head massages. I volunteered! He did the expected massage of temples, scalp, and neck, then started lightly pounding my head. Light became heavy as he really got a rhythm going. I thought about how strong skulls must be and figured my brain would benefit from a realignment! Mark Brandt took a video to share later.

Massage complete, the man picked up a spray bottle—I assumed to spray something on my hair—but it was my face! Cool sprays of water all over my face, then a soft towel dry. It was delightful. I was asking our tour guide how much to pay, thinking 100 rupees, but he said 20, then changed that to 30. So five minutes of bliss for less than a dollar. Namasté!

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